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Never be ashamed to be who you are! Just because you enjoy something outside of the "norm" doesn't mean that what you enjoy should be something to be ashamed of! A majority of society at this point in time, especially with the strong influence and implementations of social media, has become a HUGE group bandwagoners! This term means that people cheer for, are swayed by, and are heavily influenced by what's popular at the moment, and agrees with what EVERYONE ELSE agrees with! Most people are slowly but surely losing their individuality because they're scared to be different! They're scared to disagree! BUT LISTEN UP! People are going to judge you whether you follow the crowd or not! So stop with this preconceived notion that maybe if you follow the crowd and not talk back to anyone you'll get somewhere in life! NOPE! You'll most likely end up at a job that you ABSOLUTELY HATE, whether it's in your field or not, WISHING that you would've followed your own mind first instead of following someone else's! #GentlemansAmbition

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