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Mr. Ferdinand

Jourdon B. Ferdinand is a professional computer programmer/motivational speaker turned Entrepreneur. He started "Gentleman's Ambition" with a passion to help empower, inspire, and motivate as many people as possible to chase after their dreams. He has a degree in Computer Information Systems and has worked at large places such as Apple and the Louisiana Supreme Court. What excites Mr. Ferdinand about "Gentleman's Ambition" is the idea of helping others achieve their goals no matter how big or small.


“To Reach for the Impossible may seem foolish to some, but to a Gentleman it Exploits their true Characteristics and Exposes their Dreams as Greatness soon to come!”

-Jourdon B. Ferdinand



Respect | Etiquette | Ambition


Respect: A Gentlemen respects everyone from the most prestigious business man to the homeless man. You never know what people go through so in life it's best not to judge at first glance before you understand a person's character.


Etiquette: A Gentleman has proper manners, is considerate of others, and puts loved ones above themselves as not only a man or a woman but as an adult. 


Ambition: A REAL Gentleman has drive, goals, and dreams that they put into action. Every woman wants a strong, secured, confident man who can not only just provide a well built household but be obligated to the responsibilities as a man of said household and make her feel as magnificent as a woman should each and every day. Through hard work a bright future is born...A Gentleman's Ambition is his bread and butter, his livelihood, his Pride! #GentlemansAmbition

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