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It's sad that people would rather hear a lie over the truth. It's even sadder that people expect you to lie in order to save face too! The truth shows itself eventually one way or another! Whether you know it or not it's in plain sight so through your vision and another's! There's no need to be fake with someone if you're trying to start a real relationship with them! Business, personal, friend basis or whatever it is there's no need for lies to be around them! Fake qualities spread fast! Lies spread fast too! That's how hatred becomes tolerate because there hidden in fakeness and lies too! A persons true qualities will come out eventually so they can't hide them forever! To live in a world filled with deception and false qualities as the "norm" amongst a majority of people's everyday lifestyle is like living in a world twisted by a warped reality where truth is seen as negative and lies are seen as cooperative! #GentlemansAmbition

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