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The feeling that you give me is undeniable! When you're around me it's true that at times I feel unbelievable! INVINCIBLE! INCREDIBLE! And MORE! I experience feelings that I have never felt before! The way you make me feel is astonishing to say the least! When you kiss my cheek with those soft lips I feel all warm underneath, your presence next to me makes me continuously smile from cheek to cheek! As well as your touch! OH YOUR TOUCH makes me feel butterflies from my chest down to my feet! Love like this is so rare, but it's what it should be! THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE IS! CONTINUOUS HAPPINESS TRULY! Yes arguments happen but we squash them in seconds! Yes we misunderstand each other at times but for the most part what we truly want is mutual! We laugh together, smile together, and love each other unconditionally! And through it all I love being able to say that I found my true love in my best friend to whom I would gladly give my life for lovingly! -It's amazing where you can go inside your mind and find creativity! #GentlemansAmbition

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