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Rory Vigne
Jan 12, 2018

My Dearest Child

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My Dearest child:


I know who you are for I have seen and observe you within your mother's womb. I have placed gifts throughout your life that will set off at the right moments to show you that when your lonely, or when everyone makes you feel that they've left you behind, I am always their with you.

Throughout your life you will observe and experience many obstacles that will confuse you mentally. But know and realize that to confuse you is not my will for your life, but I am here to only strengthen you through your troubles and depression. I will sit in the mist with you so you may never feel alone, but to notice I will never leave you nor forsake you. Love is what I am inside you, and your heart will not grow fonder when you are with me.


I know you will be troubled I know you will be depressed

I know you will be happy I know you will feel lonely I know this because I have already written your life out for you.


And success throughout it all mean glory for you in my name sake.

Please know happiness comes and goes throughout life, but within that receive joy as well as wisdom and understanding because these items are held dearest to the Lord.

I am here my son in the mist and within your excitement as I am love.

For I am love and I am within you.

Remember my son who I am and if you have trouble with this.



Say to yourself:

"I am yours and you are mine."

My Dearest child I am Jesus.

Jan 12, 2018

Thank you for reminding me of my first lover Jesus.

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  • Rory Vigne
    Dec 12, 2018

    A person went into a downtown city crowd, and stood on a pedestal saying to the crowd. Take! A deep breath everyone. And notice the Lord's blessing. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every time you move it's a blessing. Every time you can speak you are bless. Every time you can not speak you are bless. Your senses are a blessing. When you lose one sense and gain extra to the others you are bless. Every plan you make is a blessing. When your plan goes in favor it's a blessing. Look up to the sky's that mirror image the waters. The ripple waves of the ocean mirror images the clouds in to sky. Look at the things we should cherish within the unseen. Notice that this unseen is a gift to see the wonders for those who see. Every second, minute, hour within our day of bread is for us to see we are bless. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every move you make is a blessing. Every time you speak is a blessing. Every time you can not speak is a blessing. Notice and believe daily. Every second, minute, hour of our daily bread we are bless. Take a deep breath and notice. You. Are. Bless.
  • Rory Vigne
    Jun 8, 2018

    This series I will be sending to you guys i believe is very uplifting to me, and i hope and believe this will be uplifting to you.
  • Rory Vigne
    Apr 29, 2018