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Rory Vigne
Nov 21, 2017



Being within the Control of my fears I can never see the wall that holds me so dear. In my hell I have displayed I lived so quietly I scaled my own eyes, but now to see a harsh truth that is so beautiful the world may be sinful but God has made me to see a sinful man can only see his ways and not acknowledging what the Lord has been trying to tell me. Show me the truth of myself and the sin of my ways which has made me so prudent into the ways of the world


Always be honest and true to myself.


My past is the past but dictated my future with hate. I was hurt I must have others feel my pain is that so wrong I would say yes but is that so wrong I would say no its not that it's the sin of my ways but to help another with what I've been through in a gentle way, and show them a future by not experiencing my harsh ways.


My past does not control my future.


Who are you really? Who do you want to be? What do you stand for? Where will love take thee? What is it you are? What does life show thee? I do not know the answer to these question but I do know greatness is success and I will seek the Lord's wisdom and with him I will obtain it.


I am a worthy person.


Failures or obtasces huh. And people mess up everyday. It's okay to see my mistakes because one day my efforts will show me what I've obtain. This is why I made mistakes to show me what the Lord wants me to see wrong doing only leads to wrong doing but correction shows me why the Lord loves me.


Like everyone else at times I am a fallible person and at times will make mistakes and learn from them.


Look everyone where I have come to.

Look everyone where I was.

As I sit on a hill I can see my life like vivid images in the blue sky an as I see these images the only thing I can say to God is. It's not that bad I am happy you help me all the this time.


Look at what I've accomplished,and I am still progressing.


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  • Rory Vigne
    Dec 12, 2018

    A person went into a downtown city crowd, and stood on a pedestal saying to the crowd. Take! A deep breath everyone. And notice the Lord's blessing. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every time you move it's a blessing. Every time you can speak you are bless. Every time you can not speak you are bless. Your senses are a blessing. When you lose one sense and gain extra to the others you are bless. Every plan you make is a blessing. When your plan goes in favor it's a blessing. Look up to the sky's that mirror image the waters. The ripple waves of the ocean mirror images the clouds in to sky. Look at the things we should cherish within the unseen. Notice that this unseen is a gift to see the wonders for those who see. Every second, minute, hour within our day of bread is for us to see we are bless. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every move you make is a blessing. Every time you speak is a blessing. Every time you can not speak is a blessing. Notice and believe daily. Every second, minute, hour of our daily bread we are bless. Take a deep breath and notice. You. Are. Bless.
  • Rory Vigne
    Jun 8, 2018

    This series I will be sending to you guys i believe is very uplifting to me, and i hope and believe this will be uplifting to you.
  • Rory Vigne
    Apr 29, 2018