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Rory Vigne
Feb 15, 2018

Inner Circle



A child went to school one day, and wanted to befriend others. He went to one person, and then another, and then another, and then another just to say good morning and how are you today, but those people just ignored him. Then he said “okay then I’ll just try again tomorrow”, and he did it again to the same people and they ignored him, and then the next the day they ignored him, and then the next they just ignored him.


Then afterwards those people that ignored him spoke ill toward him day after day. All he wanted to do was befriend someone at school, but instead he became the person who was bullied. Afterwards people around the school saw this and they began to laugh at the child day in and day out until the child let those people get into his/her heart and he/she became a different person. He/she was angry toward everyone in school and later to others in the world.


Then later in his life the child became and adult and work at a job and one person try to befriend him/her and he/she thought this person was plotting against him and he/she did not accept that person’s offer, and then another person tried to befriend him, and then another, and then another, and the adult did not want to befriend them because he/she thought everyone was against him. Until one day a guy from his/her job came to the him/her an asked “I’ve been watching you at work, and people have been trying to reach out to you, but you would not receive their company, so I ask why would you not receive them in your work place.” And the adult simply told him about a time in school where he/she was trying to be friendly with others and he/she was ignored and then it festered and he/she became bullied and then the whole school saw what happened to me and they did not help but instead laughed and he/she told himself that he/she would never let another person make him/her feel that way again.


Then the guy said, “oh I see” and the adult said, “huh what it is that you see”, and the guy said, “Did you try to make other friends at your school”. The adult said “No! Why would I!”? And the guy stated, “What you are dealing with is the yolk of companionship.” The adult said “huh!” The guy respond and clarified by saying “What I’m trying to tell you is in the bible it talks about people who are evenly yolk and unevenly yolk to the kingdom of heaven. Those that are evenly yolk are God’s people. Now I’m not saying everyone is not made by God and they have their chances to accept him, but not everyone is evenly yolk with each other. Some people want to see you suffer, and some want to see you succeed just remember to never treat another how you were treated negatively, but to show them a better way to live and help them within their circumstances. When and opportunity open to make companionship with God’s people then accept their offer. It may be hard at first and it will be humbling, but it’s an incredible journey to build council and yolk yourself with great people. It can be call your council or your inner circle. But who you are around you will become that's for negative people as well as positive, so link yourself with positive people and watch yourself soar with eagle instead of peaking at the ground like chickens.

Please tell me your thoughts on what this story tells you.

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  • Rory Vigne
    Dec 12, 2018

    A person went into a downtown city crowd, and stood on a pedestal saying to the crowd. Take! A deep breath everyone. And notice the Lord's blessing. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every time you move it's a blessing. Every time you can speak you are bless. Every time you can not speak you are bless. Your senses are a blessing. When you lose one sense and gain extra to the others you are bless. Every plan you make is a blessing. When your plan goes in favor it's a blessing. Look up to the sky's that mirror image the waters. The ripple waves of the ocean mirror images the clouds in to sky. Look at the things we should cherish within the unseen. Notice that this unseen is a gift to see the wonders for those who see. Every second, minute, hour within our day of bread is for us to see we are bless. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every move you make is a blessing. Every time you speak is a blessing. Every time you can not speak is a blessing. Notice and believe daily. Every second, minute, hour of our daily bread we are bless. Take a deep breath and notice. You. Are. Bless.
  • Rory Vigne
    Jun 8, 2018

    This series I will be sending to you guys i believe is very uplifting to me, and i hope and believe this will be uplifting to you.
  • Rory Vigne
    Apr 29, 2018