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Mar 21, 2017



It's sad that people would rather hear a lie over the truth. It's even sadder that people expect you to lie in order to save face too! The truth shows itself eventually one way or another! Whether you know it or not it's in plain sight so through your vision and another's! There's no need to be fake with someone if you're trying to start a real relationship with them! Business, personal, friend basis or whatever it is there's no need for lies to be around them! Fake qualities spread fast! Lies spread fast too! That's how hatred becomes tolerate because there hidden in fakeness and lies too! A persons true qualities will come out eventually so they can't hide them forever! To live in a world filled with deception and false qualities as the "norm" amongst a majority of people's everyday lifestyle is like living in a world twisted by a warped reality where truth is seen as negative and lies are seen as cooperative! #GentlemansAmbition


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  • Rory Vigne
    Dec 12, 2018

    A person went into a downtown city crowd, and stood on a pedestal saying to the crowd. Take! A deep breath everyone. And notice the Lord's blessing. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every time you move it's a blessing. Every time you can speak you are bless. Every time you can not speak you are bless. Your senses are a blessing. When you lose one sense and gain extra to the others you are bless. Every plan you make is a blessing. When your plan goes in favor it's a blessing. Look up to the sky's that mirror image the waters. The ripple waves of the ocean mirror images the clouds in to sky. Look at the things we should cherish within the unseen. Notice that this unseen is a gift to see the wonders for those who see. Every second, minute, hour within our day of bread is for us to see we are bless. Every breath you take is a blessing. Every move you make is a blessing. Every time you speak is a blessing. Every time you can not speak is a blessing. Notice and believe daily. Every second, minute, hour of our daily bread we are bless. Take a deep breath and notice. You. Are. Bless.
  • Rory Vigne
    Jun 8, 2018

    This series I will be sending to you guys i believe is very uplifting to me, and i hope and believe this will be uplifting to you.
  • Rory Vigne
    Apr 29, 2018