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Apr 15, 2017


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Edited: Apr 23, 2017

Make him better, make her better! That's the goal of a good relationship! To be able to compliment each other through shared qualities and planned situations! When she trips and falls you as her King lift her up and dust her off, and when he can't get up you as his Queen is suppose to support him and help keep his spirit strong! It's a partnership above all else! Blessed with the prayers of both people in the relationship! When one is slipping the other is suppose to have their back! The True Relationship Goal to indeed be able to look at your partner and say "You make me a better me, and I without a doubt I make you a better you! I don't know why it took so long for us to find each other but at last I'm forever grateful that I did find you! You make me smile and you make me laugh all while you support me while we make love in bed! You make me truly happy and I can't say this enough, but I couldn't imagine my life being this happy without you, and for that reason alone I love you all the more and my word you can trust!" #GentlemansAmbition


Lamonica Jones
Apr 22, 2017

The beauty of knowing yourself is knowing the things that bring joy to heart through your partners smile. Great message.

New Posts
  • Rory Vigne
    Jun 8, 2018

    What am I? Who am I? I am who was told to be an abuser of others (mentally, physically, and emotionally). I am he who was said to be a murderer, liar, thief, and dream stealer. I am he who was said to have spoken death out of my mouth, killer of life's ambitions and a person who did not care about others or himself. What am I? Who am I? Totally Broken I am. I am he who was told I would never be loved. I am he who was said to be ugly in my skin. I am he who was told my deformities would never be overcome. What am I? Who am I? Totally Broken I am. I am mentally broken I am physically ugly I am stained and unloved Totally Broken is what was spoken over me. Totally Broken is what the world calls me . Totally Broken is what is shown outside me. But God. But God. But God. He still loves me. But God. He still purchased me. But God. He still chose me. But God. He still died for me. But God. He still loves me. Totally Broken. No. I was never broken fully because he still uses me. Totally love is how God sees me. So. Totally Broken. No. Totally Love.
  • Daren watson
    Apr 21, 2018
  • Rrainne Cross
    Jan 9, 2018

    Sometimes a queen or a king wants to be courted, doesnt necessarily means spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, sometimes a simple smile , a wink, a respectful substancial conversation does it, please can someone learn the art of speaking to a persons soul, learn to listen so if the soul you are speaking to is broken you can recogniseand decide to flee or help heal. If you are not willing to travel the journey dont waste anyone's time. Sometimes just sometimes I long for that connection. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of a discussion that doesnt end up below my navel, sometimes more often than not an understanding that we go out for fun, that the aim is to enjoy the moment in the present. Sometimes the move from 0 -100 with 621 hemi engine is not for everyone. Sometimes your respect, integrity and honesty is worth so much more than your wallet... sometimes it better to listen and be patient, sometimes the pace determines if you finish the race. Sometimes a queen or a king needs to be courted.