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Rory Vigne
Oct 12, 2017



Today is a mind opening angel. I learn so much about the day, and what it brings to tell you. What it is became an exception because everyday is different from what it brings.


I am thankful for being alive an able to see.

Removing the scales from my eyes shows the truth in the world to be.


I am thankful for my birth, and where the Lord has place me.

If it weren't for that, i would not be as humble as i should be.


I'm thankful for life, and the days its given me.

I hurt from the pain, but grace comforts me.


Today is new and not yesterday. We should never live in yesterday, but learn for the days ahead.


Today, no yesterday, no years before was a lesson learned. No matter i dumb we were; i am humble to know of it.


Praying became daily. Praying became a necessity. Because his love holds me and brings me closer to him.


Messing up is painful.

Losing love ones is painful.

Life adventures has many wall that brings pain.

But the Lord's grace sustains me and keeps me moving froward.


I will never forget, but i will start to forgive. Because the Lord's love covers me.

Aug 30

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Lisa R. Taylor
Oct 31


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