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Rory Vigne
Apr 10, 2017

The Wealth of Wisdom


(Wisdom) She is like a phase of light that can bring man out of his darkness, or put him down on his knees to be humbled. Some accept her kindness some refuse, and see her as darkness.

She is like a kinswoman of lights that loves and honors those who love her. She gives daily scriptures to those who accept her guidance, and those who do not she watches fall into the darkness of their heart.

Some men say they know of her and use her daily for their own activities, but do not care for others and would rather live for their own wealth and gain.

Some believe that she works within the realm of worldly thinking, which many succumb to with the thought of worldly pride and pleasing others to make everyone happy, but in reality no one can erase the complaints of many around themselves so in short you can not please the world but you can please some.

Wisdom comes from God. Wisdom shows no selfishness. Wisdom shows real gain. Wisdom leaves no one a fool.

She has been here since the foundation of time, and has help create the wonders of our time.

She walks away from fools and stays close to the humble.

Accept her kindness and ask the Lord for her today.

She is freely given, but never refuse her teaching. Correction is great, but those who hate it live in sin. The wonders of wisdom soar above silver and gold, so choose her and you will gain the Lord’s direction.

What chose would you make, because in the end it’s your decision.

© 6 months ago, Rory Vigne