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Rory Vigne
Nov 5, 2017

My Bike

1 comment

A man rides a bike and rides it everywhere.

He rides it to work.

He rides it home.

He rides it to get groceries.

He rides it to church.

And he rides it to back home.


He repeats this process everyday until people saw how hard he works each day, so people from all around that has seen him ride his bike reach out their hands to help him, but he does not want to receive help from others and thinks he has to ride his bike alone. He does this and never accepts the help that is given to him. Day in and day out he constantly rides until later within his life he has never moved from consented riding and lived alone throughout the days of his life.








This story tells me, that it is good to have determination and keep moving forward in life, but to think you can do it on your own is like drinking poison and not accepting the open arms of others, and the more you do not accept the more of the poison you drink but it does not kill you, but instead pushes others away from helping you until one day you see yourself lonely, and eventually stand still in your loneliness until the you day pass away.


Never believe life is traveled alone and because of your pain you believe you can not trust others anymore, but learn from those that hurt you and gain wisdom so that you can decipher the yolk of the Lord's people and wolves dress in sheep clothing.


Theo Jenkins
Nov 8, 2017

Yes until you learn to accept love from someone else it will be hard for you to love someone else besides yourself.