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Rory Vigne
Nov 5, 2017

money vision


I had a vision of a bless man receiving lots of money. He was so happy that he decided to give lots of it away to others as well as receiving money given to him.

Until one day he began spitting out money from his mouth.

and then he started coughing up money from his mouth

and then he started to choke on money until he passed away.





This vision to me has two interpretation one is that God overflowed him with what he needed and he blessed others with what he received as well as receiving enough to take care of himself.


And another vision is that he loved money so much he started to worship it, and then he wanted more and more and more which made him prideful of it, and then he became greedy until he die and loved only himself and not the Lord's people. He decided to destroy his own life through the love of money.


The love of money is the root to all evil. But the Lord loves you and will supply all your needs just put him first.