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Rory Vigne
Apr 18, 2017

The World



One person speaks today of how the world is, and how we embrace a shame of condemnation and self-hate.

This Destroys the man and will eventually spread to a world we know.

How do we uplift others no one knows?

We would rather be apart of a world of bullies that hurt one another, with no peace in heart.

Destroying humans with words of violence mentally and physically fills the heart of hope with misery and despair. No wonder why we become the demons of others, and ourselves and believe this sets us straight in a world with no love but rather hate.

What is the fear of love toward one another? It is no secret to the word but it is a cure. Trying to undo the son dying on the cross, I’m sorry but his love destroyed what man maybe trying to do.

Love is a cure to all hateful things in this world, so if we share this cure with others it will make all that has been and abomination a joyful whole to everyone in this world.

God is love everyone, and Christ died on the cross because he loved each and every one of us. For we were suppose to be on the cross put to death, but Christ took our place and turn a shameful act into love within a sinful world.


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