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Rory Vigne
Apr 13, 2017

Success in failure


Starting out in life feels like daybreak to the eyes of truth, which many struggle with as the days are passing from within?


Everyone wants to succeed on the first try, but instead fall down and wish to never get up, but at the end of the day you are begging yourself to keep trying.


The path of a man seems right to himself, but in the end leads to destruction. There is no success without failure its okay just like you waking up from a long rest.


Success seems so great and fulfilling to ones on purpose, which is great, but the failure that you have fell from was your teacher that help you to get there.


God was with you in the beginning when you failed the most, till now that you have succeeded, and he is encouraging and helping you to press on when millions of others believed you would have conceded.


Mercy and Grace will be with you throughout the days of your life, so do not believe to yourself you have fallen far from Grace.


You are enough because Jesus is enough

You will make it because the Lord went though it as well.


When we have nothing left but God, we discover that God is enough.


So I ask you and me as well, you do want to succeed because I want to as well, but DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO FAIL?


This is a question that can change all of our lives.

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