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Rory Vigne
May 2, 2017

Lets be the few


Edited: May 2, 2017

Relaying on tactics of your own accord is a great battle strategy but even if you do this, and none of it comes to plan it is okay.


We must look at it as it is okay. Not everything works out as plan and that is just a way to humble you for what is really being planned for you.


We may think we are doing things ourselves but when God is in our corner our battle strategy's or being: renewed, revamped, and reconstructed. Because like it or not we are seen high before the Lord because we are his children, but when we let go and get out of own way and let God take control then the humbleness that you gain will give unto you a willingness to learn and accept what the father is trying to do for you.


I'm in the same boat as others because i make mistakes and fall as well, but being humble is learning from them getting up and moving forward, and when you success and you see another struggle bring that person up as well. The world is full of people who worry about me, myself, and I, but lets be the few who will help to open the door for another.


I mean that's one of the reason while Christ lives in us. To love those who hate you and despite fully to you.


Love concurs all.

And God is love.

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