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Rory Vigne
Apr 23, 2018

From me to you.


From me to you is a testimony. Sharing my feeling is a part of me. it may have started back in 85 but during that time I've been told lies. Love is very important, soon I began to see. But evil and lies soon had come with me. You chose your destiny and you chose your path. This is very true but evil and love new you would take this path. No pain no gain. these are true words. how can you move forward without people trying to bring you down. They will tell lies they will try to hurt you, but you will here words of wisdom and you will here words that speak life. Love and hate are both blind words. for if you love your blind. and if you hate your blind. God is love and walking his path is hard and Sin also has a path and walking it is easy. We were born in sin, so sin will come easy but you have to learn to hate and love comes naturally. Which path will you take is up to you a testimony is sharing your story willing. Helping other may be a hard decision but the reward it give will be something most dearing. Walking down the path of your ill mind is not bad. We all have fallen and also have rised up again. So make a chose to serve God or to love sin, but when you chose I hope this is what you really want to do.

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