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Rory Vigne
Nov 27, 2017



Getting to the bottom of the barrel in my life; I've seen a point of giving up to the people that became afraid of me.

They would cast judgements upon me, of who i should be or say this how people normally act. This felt labeling to a point of how the world should act, and how i should become.

I was told this so much growing up; i began to hate others and would fear speaking to another. The reason being was fear, but also a lack of confidence so i became tried of listening to the words of man, and their actions became judgmental to me and a bother.

How I share these words i seek the pencil and paper because expressing out of my mouth is to judgemental for the audience of man to express upon me.

Some say this?

Some say that?

How do you know?

How should i say this or that or a when or where within my moments of speaking, so i escape into the world of words written down on paper to express my reality.

Sharing on paper is good, but the truth is when it comes out of my mouth.

The paper and pen is a healthy escape, but the words that is spoken gets into the skin of you and me.

Sharing my moments today and yesterday tells a story each day if you truly believe.

Words are alive.

Words are real.

It blends into the DNA of man and woman and flows into the character you express each day.

Sharing is a release of the soul toward another. NO NOT HOLDING IT IN, THAT'S EGO, but sharing LIBERATES.

Sharing is like Love its feeling deep down to the emotional flow of man it Liberates.

New Posts
  • Rory Vigne
    Apr 29, 2018

    Walking the path of life is hard, but worth living. Rejection is the plague of life and very hurtful to many, but if it does not happen you will never learn the feeling. Painful paths and painful walks is necessary, and out of your control. Never forget these painful lessons are not meant to destroy you but to teach you what's in the world. Not everyone is going to be there for you. Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is your friend. But that is okay because God loves you and will never leave you nor forsake you. When everyone is against you and you only have God that's when we realize that God is all we need. The vision is like a blur to your future. you can not really see the whole path, but it takes faith to walk a path you can not fully see. The vision to fully open your eyes in a dark path takes trust in God when the world is against your light. Sometimes your best friends and family are not going to walk with you, and sometimes they might even be against you when you walk out your dark path. Also sometimes when we reach the Goal of our vision those that hated us want to be our friends, and we are being tested to hate them or forgive and love them from who and where they are. The vision shows so much of us that lives in a world of sin that our light shines on the darkness to walk out a path for us to show, and encourage others that they can do it to. So when you make it to the top bring another, and encourage that person or persons to do the same. Now the real question is do you wish to walk it. That's the vision.
  • Daren watson
    Apr 21, 2018
  • Rory Vigne
    Jul 10

    Being the flower that blooms throughout the seasons is great just like the others. But the one that has a tough time to bloom is the one people see has the most mistakes and problems. Being the one to bloom within those hard times no one can imagine to see as possible. It's like a rose that grows in the concrete it will go through problems. To bloom within those times of adversity is not impossible. Impossible is not impossible. To bloom late is so great and makes you ready to with stand what others see as so hard. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all. God bless.