January 21, 2017

My family is what makes me happy and I'll forever say that proudly! There's nothing that I look forward too more than coming home to spend time with my family! Seeing their smiles brightens up my day! Witnessing their successes makes me believe in better days! Helping my kids with their homework reassures me of their futures, and loving my wife every night reminds me of why our f...

January 10, 2017

Love as parent is an unimaginable feeling! Even wrapping your head around this life that you created is an experience of Love beyond explaining! This head, these arms, these legs, their face! All created by the true love that you and your life partner made! A parent would put their life on the line for their child without question! They'll give them their last meal on the table w...

January 5, 2017

When a family is formed a Princess becomes a Queen, as her Prince becomes her King! As said King you have to understand the responsibilities of taking care of a family! As a father to a daughter make sure that she understands her importance, and spoil her with love and support! As a father to a son make sure to show him how to be strong and nurturing as it's important, and to be...

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